Accessorize Your Living Room with Upholstered Coffee Table

July 11, 2018 - by : Ignazio  |  Home Decoration  |  No Comments  |  96326 Views

Upholstered coffee tablecould be done by turning an old coffee table into a new table by adding fabric material of your choice on top of it. Transforming the look of your old table could be done easily as a side home project that you could do during the weekend with the help of other family members or close friends. It would be quite easy if you have an old table inside your home to do this project with, but what are you going to do if you don’t have an […]

Unique Lift Coffee Table

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Lift coffee table is usually used inside a home for many different reasons. You might have children that like to play video games or you need an extra storage space to put in their toys, video games console, books or magazines. The table itself would lift and pulls toward the person moving the usable table surface closer to the person sitting nearest to it. Depending on the material that you use for this particular type of table, usually the surface could hold up to 15 kg of item, might be […]

Non Messy Living Room with the Use of Storage Ottoman Coffee Table

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Storage ottoman coffee table would mean that your ottoman inside your living room could be turned into a coffee table, extra seat and also having a storage compartment inside it for you to place many things such as books, magazines, toys or newspaper. This could help your home especially your living room to have a tidier space because all the stuff would be stored nicely and not cluttering the room and creating a messy look on the floor. The style, design and color of the ottoman itself would depend on […]

Beautify Your Home with Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table

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Tufted ottoman coffee tablecan have different functions other than to place drinks and foods on top of it. It could also be sturdy and strong enough to serve as a seating place if you need extra seat inside your living room. This particular furniture with the ottoman design could well enhance the décor of your home and when designed and styled properly could also be the focal point of your living room. Having its color to match the room theme décor is the first thing that you have to make […]

Rounds coffee table with storage in your living room

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Rounds coffee table with storage provides more functionality to your living room, with a size that is not too large the table can provide more space in your living room for other furniture. Simple shape and design is perfect for your living room which has a size that is not too big. You can buy this table in a furniture store, with many design options to the size that you can customize to your taste and the size of your living room. This particular table is a table that has […]

Different Styles of Distressed Coffee Table Surfaces

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Distressed coffee tableis usually done a lot also in other furniture so that it has an antique look and appearance. Distressing the solid wood material could give a new life to the old piece of wood that is made for the table itself and also it would give a different accent to the table to look different from many other tables. Usually by doing this particular kind of technique to the wood, the stains and water marks that are on the surface of the wood that was a problem before, […]