Japanese Styled Noguchi Coffee Table

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Noguchi coffee table was first created by Isamu Noguchi in the year of 1944 with the wood-sculpting skill and technique. He didn’t know that when he made the table, years later it becomes a huge success and so popular as a masterpiece in the Japanese style coffee table that is used around the world inside the living rooms of many homes. If you have an Asian themed home décor, this would be one of the perfect types of coffee table that could be included inside your home. The beauty and […]

Using Driftwood Coffee Table for Your Living Room

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Driftwood coffee tableis definitely one of the many suitable materials for a home that is eco-friendly especially because of the material itself that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Usually, since there are no pieces of driftwood that are alike, different piece of furniture that made for the home are unique pieces. This would go the same as for the coffee table that is using this particular material for your home. You could use the wood as the base for the table, and place another glass surface on top of it. […]

Versatile and Functional Coffee Table Ottoman

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Coffee table ottomanis one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you could add into your home, because other than you could make it into a coffee table, an ottoman could also be used for extra space for seating inside the living room. With their versatility, many home owners choose to place them inside their houses so they could be turned into the beautiful and elegant coffee table or for the extra space of seat when needed. This way they don’t have to spend more money to provide their […]

The Appeal and Features of Lucite Coffee Table

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Lucite coffee tableis usually used as a home décor item that is made out of acrylic plastic. This particular type of table is very much suitable to be placed inside the house with minimalist design and to be paired with any kind of chairs or even better to be paired with Lucite type of chairs. This particular material is usually quite durable with its clear and colorless appearance, but it could also be made into other customized colors and opacities if you prefer. Just like any other type of acrylic […]

The Beauty and Elegance of Leather Ottoman Coffee Table

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Leather ottoman coffee tablecould just be the perfect furniture that you could place inside your living room to be matched and paired well with sofas and couches inside the particular room. Leather is a durable fabric that you could use for this particular piece of furniture especially because of its durability. When you are going to purchase it from the furniture store, you would be able to pick from the many different varieties of different leather colors, designs and styles with wide ranges of different prices that could match your […]

Tips and Tricks in Decorating an Oval Coffee Table

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Oval coffee tablecould be used in any location inside the living room, whether you are going to place them in the middle of the living room together in between couches, or if you are going to place them in the corner of the living room to be paired with single seat chair or sofa. You could decorate the table even more to make it look even more appealing and interesting to the eyes of everyone that see it. One of the easiest things that you could do is to place […]

How to Make Your Own Ottoman Coffee Table

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Ottoman coffee table could be created by yourself if you have old furniture like a coffee table that could be re-created into something more useful to serve a new function to be placed inside your house. This could be the better way to create something new from something old, rather than you throwing them away and buying a new table to serve as your coffee table. This way, you could save even more money from your housing budget, and also create the table that you want custom-made with your own […]