Unique Looking Wicker Coffee Table

June 18, 2018 - by : Ignazio  |  Home Decoration  |  No Comments  |  132 Views

Wicker coffee tableis very suitable to be placed inside the living room of your home, especially for when all family members are at home and could get together to chat about their routines of work and school. This particular design of table could be matched nicely in a traditional room décor especially because of the pattern of the table itself that could be made out of bamboo materials. They could easily be repainted so that you could get the color that you want for the table to match nicely with […]

Multi-Functional Use of Round Ottoman Coffee Table

June 17, 2018 - by : Ignazio  |  Home Decoration  |  No Comments  |  290 Views

Round ottoman coffee tablecould be used inside a living room with any kind of theme décor style. Usually they come with leather upholstery that is an extra advantage for you because they could also be used as an extra seat or even more depending on their sizes. You could easily get rid of the tablecloth or tray on top of the table and if you have many guests or visitors coming into your home, the ottoman could be used as an extra seat for them. In choosing for their colors, […]

Different Styles of Distressed Coffee Table Surfaces

June 16, 2018 - by : Ignazio  |  Home Decoration  |  No Comments  |  445 Views

Distressed coffee tableis usually done a lot also in other furniture so that it has an antique look and appearance. Distressing the solid wood material could give a new life to the old piece of wood that is made for the table itself and also it would give a different accent to the table to look different from many other tables. Usually by doing this particular kind of technique to the wood, the stains and water marks that are on the surface of the wood that was a problem before, […]

Different Types and Designs of Marble Top Coffee Table

June 15, 2018 - by : Ignazio  |  Home Decoration  |  No Comments  |  644 Views

Marble top coffee tableusually comes in appealing and interesting look especially by its top surface of the table. The table could also be identified as antique table that would look different and nice especially for a home with more of a vintage décor done inside it. Since they come with many different colors and patterns, you could choose from them for the one that you might like to be placed inside your home. They also come with different ranges of prices depending on the size, shape and design of the […]

Japanese Styled Noguchi Coffee Table

June 14, 2018 - by : Ignazio  |  Home Decoration  |  No Comments  |  801 Views

Noguchi coffee table was first created by Isamu Noguchi in the year of 1944 with the wood-sculpting skill and technique. He didn’t know that when he made the table, years later it becomes a huge success and so popular as a masterpiece in the Japanese style coffee table that is used around the world inside the living rooms of many homes. If you have an Asian themed home décor, this would be one of the perfect types of coffee table that could be included inside your home. The beauty and […]

Using Driftwood Coffee Table for Your Living Room

June 13, 2018 - by : Ignazio  |  Home Decoration  |  No Comments  |  968 Views

Driftwood coffee tableis definitely one of the many suitable materials for a home that is eco-friendly especially because of the material itself that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Usually, since there are no pieces of driftwood that are alike, different piece of furniture that made for the home are unique pieces. This would go the same as for the coffee table that is using this particular material for your home. You could use the wood as the base for the table, and place another glass surface on top of it. […]

Versatile and Functional Coffee Table Ottoman

June 12, 2018 - by : Ignazio  |  Home Decoration  |  No Comments  |  1097 Views

Coffee table ottomanis one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you could add into your home, because other than you could make it into a coffee table, an ottoman could also be used for extra space for seating inside the living room. With their versatility, many home owners choose to place them inside their houses so they could be turned into the beautiful and elegant coffee table or for the extra space of seat when needed. This way they don’t have to spend more money to provide their […]